Investment Guidelines

  • We seek to acquire majority equity interests in companies that present opportunities for long-term growth and value creation.  
  • We partner with capable executive management teams whose values and business philosophies are consistent with ours.  We establish a structure that provides significant incentive for management to generate outstanding performance.
  • We expect to utilize our partners’ collective knowledge and experience to help enhance portfolio companies’ performance, and facilitate strategic growth. 
  • We prefer to acquire businesses that support a strategy that organizes related companies into functional groups, thus creating the opportunity to capitalize on potential synergies.
  • We allocate funds for venture capital on a limited basis, with a bias towards operating businesses that demonstrate the potential for cash flow expansion.   
  • Nonetheless, we are willing to screen a broad range of investment opportunities, regardless of sector, industry, or geography.   
  • We are willing to consider co-investments and joint-venture structures, depending on the unique characteristics related to the particular transaction.  

A cornerstone of the NRC philosophy is the alignment of interests to achieve outstanding performance and results. Portfolio company executives participate in direct equity positions or equity-like incentives, and NRC promotes benefit and incentive plans intended to create long-term security for all employees.

We're Not Just Investors. We Help Build Companies.

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