Jennifer L. Wilson

Jennifer, a founding partner of North River Capital LLC, graduated from Heritage High School in Fort Wayne in 1983. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Indiana University and became a CPA in 1988.

Post-college, Jennifer joined Ernst & Young where she worked in both the Audit Department for one year and the Tax Department for three years.  During this time, she was assigned to OmniSource and eventually decided to make the move from public accounting to private industry with OmniSource in 1991 as the company’s Tax Director.

Jennifer was with OmniSource Corporation for nearly 18 years, most recently in the position of Vice President of Tax & Treasury. In that role, she was responsible for corporate administration of all cash management, business insurance, tax planning, and tax reporting activities. In addition to her normal duties, she was also involved in the due diligence, legal entity structuring, and tax planning for a variety of start-ups, mergers, and acquisitions. In 2008, Jennifer and other senior executives of OmniSource resigned and formed North River Capital.

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